We offer low prices because we work directly with car, motorcycle, and RV insurance companies, and we help them sell vehicles that they’re looking to liquidate. In certain territories, it’s common that an insurance company will be required to become the new owners of a “totaled” vehicle—that is, a vehicle that’s been damaged is over a particular percentage of its value—even if the car could actually be very easily repaired.


Sometimes, these vehicles don’t even have anything wrong with them at all and, for example, they were simply repossessed from a car thief after the insurance company had already reimbursed the original owner with a new car. RV campers and boats are particularly large and cumbersome to move around, so insurance companies just want to liquidate them, and that’s how we’re able to sell them for so cheap!

These are a few of the insurance companies that we get our supply from:  

  • State Farm

  • Progressive

  • Geico

  • Travelers

  • Allstate

  • Nationwide

  • Many, many more

In addition to car insurance companies, we work with RV insurance companies, boat insurance, and motorcycle insurance. Sometimes we even acquire some heavy equipment from industrial sources through business insurance. Occasionally, we’ll get some repossessed vehicles.

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